The World Has a Plastic Problem

A million plastic bottles are thrown away every minute. Half the plastics we produce are for single-use packaging. We have no viable means to manage this waste — plastic does not naturally break down and recycling it does not work.

We Can Fix It

Reinventing a more sustainable alternative for the plastic products we use most means we can end our reliance on plastic and alter the course of climate change.

About Cove

We are a material innovation company reinventing the consumer products most polluting the world.

Material innovation involves extensive research and development to reinvent the way products are made, used and discarded.

Made Today. For Tomorrow.

At Cove, we have developed the world’s first biodegradable water bottle made of PHA — a plastic alternative produced by living organisms found in the ocean, plants, and even the human body. PHA is biodegradable, naturally-occurring, and produces zero toxic waste as it breaks down.


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